Crime and Justice / News / November 23, 2015

Raw Video: Barry Beach addresses the media

Barry Beach, thanked God, the governor, his supporters, and the press during an emotional press conference outside the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge on Nov. 20, 2015.

Beach said going back to prison 18 months ago, “was the worst experience in life.”

“It took me a couple years to overcome that moment,” Beach said. “This time there’s going to be a lot of healing and a lot of tears between hear and Billings Montana.”

Beach, who was released from prison after Gov. Steve Bullock commuted his 100-years-without parole prison sentence, said he always knew the day would come when he would be free.

Here is the raw video from Friday’s noon press conference. Due to the cold temperatures my camera ran out of battery about two minutes before the press conference ended.


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John S. Adams

John S. Adams is an award-winning investigative reporter who has covered Montana politics, government, and people for more than a decade. Prior to founding the Montana Free Press Adams was the statehouse bureau chief for the Great Falls Tribune and a correspondent for USA Today.

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Gov. Bullock's order commuting Barry Beach's sentence
 Here's a link to Governor Steve Bullock's order commuting Barry Beach's 100-years-without parole prison sentence: EO_19_2015_Beach Barry...
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