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Williams, of Missoula, announced her candidacy Oct. 3. She is the daughter of longtime Montana Congressman Pat Williams and Carol Williams, who was the first woman to serve as Montana Senate majority leader. She is also the founder and CEO of williamsworks, a Missoula-based philanthropic consulting firm.

Fundraising and campaign spending

As a state candidate, Williams files campaign finance reports with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices. See the COPP Campaign Electronic Reporting System for official records. Data shown here is current through 12/31/2019.
Total raised
Total spending
From individuals
From committees
Note: Fundraising components shown here don't necessarily sum to total fundraising because of miscellaneous receipts and accounting adjustments. Self-financing includes candidate contributions and campaign loans.

Contributions by zip code

Portion of fundraising from Montana donors
Itemized individual contributions
Average contribution size
Note: Average contribution size represents itemized individual contributions reported in candidate filings with the COPP. Unitemized donations under $35 may not be included in the average. Individual donors are limited to giving $710 per election to gubernatorial candidates and $360 per election to candidates for other statewide offices.

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