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BNSF sues Libby clinic, claiming Medicare fraud

BNSF is suing Libby’s Center for Asbestos Related Disease in federal court, alleging the clinic is defrauding Medicare and grant agencies by over-diagnosing asbestos-related diseases and running unnecessary tests.

Vaccination bill moves closer to law, with changes

Montana’s ongoing debate over prohibiting vaccination requirements took several twists Wednesday after Gov. Greg Gianforte sent House Bill 702 back to the Legislature with proposed changes of his own. Hours later, the House voted 65-35 to accept those changes.

Marijuana bill passes House

House Bill 701, introduced by Rep. Mike Hopkins, R-East Missoula, and backed by Gov. Gianforte, passed its third and final reading in the House on a bipartisan 67-32 vote, ending a month of debate in Helena about how to implement Initiative 190, which legalized adult-use cannabis last November.


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