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election integrity voter fraud montana

Voter fraud: Fact, or faction?

Republican lawmakers recently requested a special committee to probe election integrity in Montana. What’s driving the voter fraud narrative? MTFP talks to political scientists and psychologists at MIT, Harvard and the University of Montana to learn more about the causes and consequences of Donald Trump’s “Big Lie.”

courtroom court scaled of justice

Judge blocks abortion laws while case proceeds

A Yellowstone County District Court judge has blocked three abortion restrictions from taking effect while the case about their constitutionality proceeds. The ruling from Judge Michael Moses came a week after he issued a temporary restraining order in the same case prohibiting the state from enforcing the bills for 10 days following their Oct. 1…

Montana demographic census map

Nine ways to divide Montana

An effort to divide Montana into two districts for U.S. House elections over the next decade now has a set of nine finalist maps — and an unmistakable partisan divide. The maps were advanced this week by the Montana Districting and Apportionment Commission, which is up against a Nov. 14 deadline for drawing the new…

covid family quarantine

Our COVID cocoon

For the parents of children too young to get vaccinated, Pfizer and BioNTech’s application for approval of COVID vaccine shots for 5- to 11-year-old children is a light at the end of a seemingly never-ending quarantine tunnel. Remember those lockdowns that defined spring 2020 for everyone? Parents are still living them, in increments lasting up…

covid vaccination vaccine card

Vaccine discrimination law gets a second legal challenge

Montana’s new vaccine discrimination law got its second legal challenge this week. A Sidney-based law firm is alleging that House Bill 702 violates the Montana Constitution by preventing it from providing employees and clients a “safe and healthful environment.”

Carter County Montana Homecoming Parade Montana

Growing home in Ekalaka

Eastern Montana’s Carter County is bucking longtime trends toward population declines in rural plains communities, adding 255 residents according to the 2020 census. How? Oil money, dinosaurs and family.

Bozeman Health presents roadmap for inpatient psychiatric unit

Bozeman Health, the dominant medical care provider in Montana’s most rapidly growing region, has announced plans to develop a 12-bed adult inpatient psychiatric unit at Deaconess Hospital by 2023, responding to years of community pressure. The unit will be the first of its kind in Bozeman, and is expected to ease some strain on units…


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