Living with Fire

In this three-part series, Montana Free Press reporter Amanda Eggert examines how federal land management agencies have approached wildfire in the past and highlights key public and private sector developments that could change how we engage with it in the future.

Part 1: The evolution of wildfire suppression

How a handful of events and policies shaped the wildfire narrative over the last century.

Part 2: Building fire-adapted communities through land-use planning

Can smarter land-use policy reduce the number of homes lost to wildfires? Some experts say yes.

Part 3: Private-sector approaches to a public problem

As the threat of wildfire grows throughout the West, private firefighting companies deployed by insurance companies are stepping in.

Bonus: Reporter Amanda Eggert talks about her MTFP series ‘Living with Fire’

Journalist and former wildland firefighter Amanda Eggert joins us to discuss her three-part series for Montana Free Press, Living with Fire.

As fire season progresses, Montana Free Press staff publishes hourly updates with information on the location and size of fires reported across the state, as well air quality ratings for Montana communities with monitoring stations.

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