$309 million in broadband grants headed for Gianforte’s approval

A state commission has advanced grant recommendations for a $309 million rural broadband connectivity push, moving a previously delayed grantmaking process forward despite concerns voiced by Montana-based internet companies about the amount — approximately $110 million — slated for telecom giant Charter Communications.

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The OPI shuffle

Last month, state Superintendent Elsie Arntzen announced a bit of agency shuffling at a privately owned office building on the corner of 11th and Montana avenues in Helena, just a few blocks north of the Capitol complex. As part of Arntzen’s ongoing effort to shrink her agency’s physical footprint, the Office of Public Instruction vacated…

Overnight closure implemented at popular Weir Creek Hot Springs

For decades, warm water fans have trekked through rain, snow and ice to soak under the stars in the natural pools at Weir Creek Hot Springs just across the Montana border in Idaho. But the days of relaxing under the stars at Weir are over, and soakers who attempt to stay past 8 p.m. may…

Common Ground

Our three-part series reports on how Montanans are using organic and regenerative agriculture to revitalize rural economies and the soil they depend on.


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