Here at Montana Free Press, we know and appreciate that so many loyal readers like you rely on us as a trusted source of public service journalism.

But there’s more to the news than just the stories.

That’s why we created the MT Lowdown, a new weekly newsletter that shows you another side of our high-quality reporting (and reporters) while keeping you up to speed on the biggest news impacting Montanans. It’s still the unbiased, unflinching reporting that Montana Free Press is respected for, but in a format you can take with you on the go.

Every Friday, you’ll find a mix of:

  • The biggest stories of the week and why they matter
  • Charts, tweets, and quotes that give you more insight into the latest headlines
  • Noteworthy stories from across the state that caught our eye
  • Editor responses to your questions
  • A trip though the news archives, bringing new light to older reporting that still matters
  • …and more!

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