April Fools!

Thankfully, Montana Free Press is sticking to its mission of providing in-depth, independent journalism to everyone free of charge. That means:

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  • No ads — As a nonprofit, public-powered newsroom, we sidestep the pressure to chase clicks or cash in on the trust we’ve built with our readers.
  • No creepy tracking — Since we don’t do targeted advertising, there’s no need for invasive data collection.
  • No junk — Montana Free Press was founded to do deep, impactful reporting. Because we don’t chase ad dollars, we publish stories that matter, not ones the marketing department thinks you’ll click on.

These things are only possible because of the financial support of our members. By donating to Montana Free Press, you are directly contributing to building a better news ecosystem for all Montanans. Will you join Montana Free Press today and help us make our mission a reality?