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Latest Headlines



What does the science really say about masking?

On Aug. 31, the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services claimed in an emergency rule that the science on mask effectiveness in reducing viral transmission is “not conclusive.” But according to infectious disease specialists, the literature is abundantly clear: masks work.

Montana right-to-work group sues COPP

On Monday, Montana Citizens for Right to Work filed a lawsuit against Commissioner of Political Practices Jeff Mangan. Its complaint asks a federal court judge to block Mangan from enforcing a campaign law it alleges is unconstitutional.

Stimulus infrastructure funds headed to water and sewer projects

The awards, totalling nearly $127 million, were formally announced Thursday by Gov. Greg Gianforte. They follow an allocation process that was outlined by the Montana Legislature this spring in which project applications were submitted by local government entities, ranked by staff at the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation and reviewed by an advisory committee last month.

State revises marijuana advertising rules

Under the new rules, dispensaries will be able to promote their business via advertising and market their brand. However, dispensaries may not specifically advertise marijuana products except in online ads. The state has also eliminated what some dispensary owners believe was a burdensome set of rules that would have required dispensaries and other marijuana-related businesses to display a lengthy warning about the drug.

Youth voting groups file Montana’s fourth election lawsuit

A trio of organizations focused on youth voting advocacy filed a lawsuit against Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen Thursday, seeking to overturn three new election laws passed by legislators this year. It’s the fourth election-centric legal challenge to arise since the Legislature gaveled out in April.

EPA names Billings site a Superfund cleanup priority

A three-mile-wide swath of central and downtown Billings where groundwater has been contaminated with chlorinated solvents from laundromat operations is set to receive federal Superfund status per a notice issued by the Environmental Protection Agency Wednesday.

Supreme Court rejects Legislature’s motion to rehear case

The Montana Supreme Court on Tuesday unanimously rejected a petition to rehear the extensive court dispute between the Republican-led Legislature and the state judiciary, which was prompted by Republican lawmakers’ subpoena effort to acquire troves of documents from the judicial branch earlier this year.


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