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Missoula Independent Staff File Papers to Form a Union

The NewsGuild-Communication Workers of America would represent the union in collective bargaining HELENA...

0 Comment / Mar 19, 2018

Complaint: Dark Money Right to Work Group Engaged in Illegal Political Activities

Republican Kalispell Rep. Frank Garner files complaint against group, which was at the center of allegations...

0 Comment / Mar 12, 2018

Few Signs of Coal Revival Despite Trump Administration Support

Paul Feldman, FairWarning Despite the Trump Administration’s ardent support of coal over renewable...

0 Comment / Mar 08, 2018

Lawsuit claims Yellowstone County judge, sheriff's officer violated civil rights in illegal immigration arrest

By John S. Adams, Montana Free Press A Yellowstone County man who claims a judge illegally ordered his arrest...

Feb 26, 2018

Fire Danger Persists for Polaris Off-Road Vehicles

By Christopher Jensen, Fair Warning In recent years, Polaris Industries, the leading producer of off-road...

Feb 21, 2018

Six states get best ratings for highway safety laws, Montana ranks near the bottom

By Paul Feldman, Amid a resurgence in U.S. traffic fatalities now taking roughly 100 lives...

Jan 30, 2018

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