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COVID crunch putting hospitals on high alert

While both Billings hospitals say they’re currently able to meet demand, stay supplied and take on new patients, medical staff are beginning to feel overwhelmed, a feeling exacerbated by high numbers of staff members testing positive themselves or having to quarantine because of exposure elsewhere.

Flathead County draws COVID enforcement

After encouraging local governments to more aggressively enforce public health orders including a statewide mask mandate, Gov. Steve Bullock said Thursday that the state is pursuing enforcement measures against businesses in Flathead County that have repeatedly flouted health mandates.

Broods in the woods

According to Natural Start Alliance, an organization that promotes access to early-childhood environmental education, the number of nature-based preschools, so-called forest kindergartens and outdoor preschools (collectively known as nature preschools) in the U.S. has grown 25-fold over the past decade, and more than doubled over the past three years to approximately 585.

When local news isn’t local

While Montana’s media landscape has for years included left- and right-leaning political blogs authored by resident partisans, Big Sky Times and eight other Montana-focused sites affiliated with Metric Media represent a new trend: digital news outlets that present themselves as community news sites even though they operate without a local editorial staff and appear to promote a political agenda.

Shared State

Differing perspectives on the meaning of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ are competing for primacy as Montana struggles to implement public health measures and COVID-19 cases spike.


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