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Playing catch-up with the curve

As COVID-19 continues to sweep through Montana, public health workers are struggling to keep up with the sheer volume of demand for contact tracing, which health officials say is one of the most basic tools they have for tracking and combating pandemics.

Legislative leaders name committee chairs

Committee leadership roles for the 2021 legislative session made public this week indicate that pragmatic Republicans in the Legislature’s “Solutions Caucus” faction will continue to play key roles in shaping state policy as Montana enters a new world of unified Republican control.

‘Put through the wringer’

Approximately 70 employees at Kalispell’s hospital currently have COVID-19, and another 88 are in quarantine after coming in contact with the virus that is raging across Montana and the Flathead Valley.

Bringing a language back to life

With fewer and fewer fluent speakers of the Crow language, advocates for revitalizing it hope a free online dictionary can aid people already working to bolster their skills and make learning the language more accessible.

Going it alone

Trump’s lame-duck status leaves governors — including Montana’s — to wing it on COVID response.

Local control takes a hit

For some opponents, the low-key battle over LR-130 — the no-local-gun-control legislative referendum — is done. For others, work lies ahead, and frustration lingers.

COVID and the Capitol

This week’s leadership caucuses at the Montana Capitol raised the specter of flouted health directives, but rules for the upcoming session remain to be set.


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