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The Viz: Montana’s $14.3 billion budget, per capita

Just about 1.1 million people live in Montana. Dividing that $14.3 billion evenly among us produces a per capita figure of roughly $13,000 — the amount of spending the current draft of the state budget bill authorizes on behalf of each and every Montana resident for the coming two-year budget cycle.

Lawmakers advance funding for Gallatin College

Funding for a new building for Gallatin College was Montana State University’s top priority heading into the 2023 session. Now, after pressure from campus leaders, the project has been added to House Bill 5, which passed out of committee last week.

Senate bill would ‘eliminate’ adult-use marijuana dispensaries in Montana

Sen. Keith Regier, R-Kalispell, has introduced a bill to dismantle the adult-use recreational cannabis industry in Montana. Senate Bill 546 contains several provisions that would drastically alter the state’s marijuana marketplace. Primarily, it focuses on “eliminating adult-use dispensaries.” The bill additionally raises the state tax on medical marijuana from 4% to 20% and puts significant…

The Session: GOP controls the budget and lawmakers collaborate on elk management

A 14 billion dollar budget passed out of the Montana House with support from the Republican supermajority. Democrats don’t have the power to change it, but they still tried. Host Nadya Faulx and reporters Eric Dietrich, Ellis Juhlin, and Arren Kimbel-Sannit discuss the debate over how the state should spend tax dollars. The spending plan…


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