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Indian Caucus priorities signed into law

Gianforte signed both the Montana Indian Child Welfare Act and a bill revising Indian Education For All laws earlier this week. The first bill secures Indigenous family protections in state law, and the second revises how Native history is taught in schools.

CEO of Western Montana Mental Health steps down

A representative of Western Montana Mental Health Center said this week that the Missoula-headquartered organization decided not to renew Levi Anderson’s contract after his five years of serving as CEO. Long the backbone of community behavioral health services across western Montana, Western has faced financial headwinds for years.

Gov. Gianforte signs MEPA bill into law

Sen. Mark Noland, a Republican businessman from Bigfork, said he sponsored the measure after seeing his friends’ livelihoods impacted by timber sales that had been halted under the Montana Environmental Policy Act.

Abortion providers, state attorneys spar over new restrictions

A Helena district court judge on Tuesday barred the state from enforcing five new abortion restrictions while litigation over their constitutionality continues. The order from the bench came at the end of a three-and-a-half-hour court proceeding featuring Montana abortion providers, medical witnesses and state agency representatives.


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