Overnight closure implemented at popular Weir Creek Hot Springs

For decades, warm water fans have trekked through rain, snow and ice to soak under the stars in the natural pools at Weir Creek Hot Springs just across the Montana border in Idaho. But the days of relaxing under the stars at Weir are over, and soakers who attempt to stay past 8 p.m. may…

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Roads vs. greenspace in Bozeman

A project that’s been on the drawing board of city planners for more than three decades is yet again mustering west side neighbors for a fight against city hall. The debate encompasses many of the familiar battle cries heard in Bozeman about concerns for protecting the environment and a peaceful way of life versus the…



Helena LGBTQ Drag Story Hour to proceed as planned, despite threats

An annual Drag Story Hour event for children is scheduled to take place as planned in Helena this weekend during one of Montana’s LGBTQ Pride celebrations, even as law enforcement organizations track threats against the event posted online by a self-proclaimed member of the Oath Keepers, a national anti-government militia group.