Tracking eastern Montana’s silent firestarters

Underground coal seams are part of the landscape in eastern Montana, and can burn unnoticed for years. As summers get hotter and drier, the quiet burns can get out of hand, as happened with the Richard Spring Fire last summer. Mapping the smoldering seams is one way to address the risk early, and Custer County…

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Bird Scooters flock to downtown Bozeman 

Bozeman is in its second year partnering with the national e-scooter company Bird. This summer, tourists, residents and local business owners have noticed an increase in the number of riders. While new designated parking areas have helped keep idle scooters off sidewalks, some residents remain concerned about how the scooters are used.

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Air Force unfazed by Russian saber-rattling

Despite concerns about nuclear tensions related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, operations of the missile silos at Malmstrom Air Force Base here remain normal, military officials said. “There’s been no change to force protection conditions at Malmstrom AFB, and we won’t speculate on potential future adjustments,” Jennifer Greene, spokesperson for Air Force Global Strike…


Helena LGBTQ Drag Story Hour to proceed as planned, despite threats

An annual Drag Story Hour event for children is scheduled to take place as planned in Helena this weekend during one of Montana’s LGBTQ Pride celebrations, even as law enforcement organizations track threats against the event posted online by a self-proclaimed member of the Oath Keepers, a national anti-government militia group.


Inaugural James Welch Native Lit Festival to launch in Missoula

The inaugural James Welch Native Lit Festival, a three-day event that begins Thursday and is free and open to the public, brings together nearly 20 writers from Indigenous communities across the United States for panel discussions, Q&As, readings and artist talks at Missoula’s Wilma Theatre and Missoula Public Library.