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Memo: GOP leadership limited in election integrity investigation

Legislative Services Division says Senate President Mark Blasdel and House Speaker Wylie Galt can’t create a joint special committee to probe Montana’s 2020 election, but outlines possible alternatives.

A majority of Republican lawmakers last month requested the creation of a special legislative committee to investigate Montana’s 2020 election. Now, a legal memo states that GOP leadership lacks the authority to meet that demand, but raises the possibility of alternative avenues.

Nine ways to divide Montana

The state Districting and Apportionment Commission has presented its finalist U.S. House district maps, now open for public feedback and partisan parsing.

An effort to divide Montana into two districts for U.S. House elections over the next decade now has a set of nine finalist maps — and an unmistakable partisan divide. The maps were advanced this week by the Montana Districting and Apportionment Commission, which is up against a Nov. 14 deadline for drawing the new…

Redistricting commission adopts congressional criteria

In preparation for redrawing Montana’s electoral map, a five-member commission voted Friday on guidelines for a new congressional district.

With Montana slated to gain a second U.S. House seat, the state’s redistricting commission voted Friday on a framework for drawing congressional boundaries. But the commission’s debate over legislative criteria will have to wait until July 20.


The Session podcast

What we’re looking forward to in week 17 of the Montana Legislature: last-minute legislation and maneuvering.

The Session podcast

What we’re looking forward to in week 16 of the Montana Legislature: Separation of powers and the future of Colstrip.

The Session podcast

What we’re looking forward to in week 15 of the Montana Legislature: parental rights and competing tax bills for adult-use marijuana.

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The Session podcast

What we’re looking forward to in week 14 of the Montana Legislature: piecing together the budget puzzle.

On the governor’s behalf

Lieutenant Governor Kristen Juras has long been known as a legal analyst with staunchly conservative social views. Now, she’s pulling the levers of policy in the state Capitol.

The Session podcast

What we’re looking forward to in week 13: Judges, elections and recreational marijuana

A court divided?

House Bill 325 would ask voters to approve election of state Supreme Court justices by districts, rather than statewide. Supporters say the change would encourage better representation on the state’s most powerful bench. Critics call it ‘judicial gerrymandering.’

The Session podcast

Week 12: Tracking the budget in the House, a windfall of federal cash, and new rules for legalized marijuana.


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