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Tester introduces bipartisan bill to deregulate industrial hemp

In late March, Sens. Jon Tester, D-Montana, and Mike Braun, R-Indiana, introduced the Industrial Hemp Act, which would loosen testing restrictions and other regulations for varieties of hemp plants grown for industrial purposes, like fiber, grain, biofuel or “hempcrete.” Supporters say the act could lower barriers for farmers and boost production.

Common Ground

Our three-part series reports on how Montanans are using organic and regenerative agriculture to revitalize rural economies and the soil they depend on.

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BLM approves American Prairie Reserve’s bison grazing proposal

The Bureau of Land Management approved American Prairie Reserve’s application for grazing leases on 63,000 acres of BLM-administered land in Phillips County on July 28. The application became a lightning rod for opinions about both bison and APR, which aims to conserve prairie species by acquiring large private parcels and connecting them with tracts of…

Common Ground, Part III: Rebuilding soil by building relationships

In the Judith Basin, the Myllymaki family has gone all in on regenerative farming techniques aimed at building the health of the soil that sustains them. A national agency born of the Dust Bowl helped them get started, and is now seeding local initiatives to bring a more diverse swath of local knowledge into conservation…

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Rewilding the national mammal

There’s a bottleneck of bison at brucellosis quarantine facilities outside of Yellowstone National Park. Two bills introduced by a Montana lawmaker could alleviate that, helping tribes across the U.S. restore viable wild herds. Will the Montana Legislature back them?


If Montanans want to keep Montana-grown food — and the associated dollars — in-state, the local supply chain will have the be expanded. That includes storage and distribution infrastructure, but the bottleneck is mostly at the food processor level.


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