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The pandemic exacerbates the ‘paramedic paradox’ in rural America

Emergency medical services are a lifeline in regions with scarce medical care, such as eastern Montana. But paramedics, the most highly skilled members of those crews trained to respond to patients with life-threatening injuries, are in short supply where they’re needed most.

Bozeman nonprofit Bridgercare takes over Montana’s family-planning program

The Bozeman-based nonprofit Bridgercare has received a roughly $2 million federal grant to administer Title X funding across Montana. It will take over operation of the federal family-planning program from Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services, which ran the program for the last 50 years.

Hospitals recruit international nurses to fill pandemic shortages

Billings Clinic is just one of scores of hospitals taking this strategy. The demand is so high, and the nursing shortage so great, that there’s a backlog of thousands of international health care professionals awaiting visas to work in the U.S.

Giving when it hurts

Montana nonprofit hospitals receive millions of dollars in tax exemptions as charities each year in exchange for giving back to their communities. A Kaiser Health News review finds that some of the state’s richest medical centers are falling behind most state and national hospitals.


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