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Montana health care laws are getting a cleanup crew

A new task force created by the Legislature will comb Montana’s code for problem statutes and unnecessary regulations.

The Montana Nurses Association identified more than 270 statutes that failed to reflect current practice in Montana’s health care system, some of which haven’t been changed since the mid 1990s.

Medical school clash revives for-profit vs. nonprofit flap

Montana is one of only four states without a medical school — for now.

Two universities are eyeing the chance to be the first to build a medical school in one of the few states without one. The jockeying of the two schools — one a nonprofit, the other for-profit — to open campuses in Montana highlights the rapid spread of for-profit medical learning centers despite their once-blemished reputation.

Health care is expanding. Here’s how.

A slate of new laws are poised to change how easily and affordably Montanans can get access to doctors and medicine.

A slate of new laws are poised to change how easily and affordably Montanans can get access to doctors and medicine.


How and where to get stuck

A reporting project by KHN, Montana Free Press and the University of Montana School of Journalism finds the biggest test of that disparate system looms as vaccine eligibility expands.


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Telehealth’s growing pains

Telehealth is booming. But with the boom come unintended consequences, including conflicts between out-of-state and in-state health providers, a rise in fraud, and potential access problems for vulnerable groups.

Lawmakers try again to deny medical treatments to trans youth

For the second time this session, lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee have forwarded a bill that would prohibit certain kinds of medical treatment for transgender and nonbinary youth. The proposal, which passed nearly along party lines, was the subject of emotional and frustrated testimony on Monday from parents, medical providers and advocates.


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