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Altacare no longer offering CSCT services in Montana

At last count, Altacare was offering comprehensive in-school mental health services for 307 Montana students. The company’s closure, announced to state officials in May, speaks to broader financial and regulatory pressures on other providers in the state.


Board of Education approves new teacher licensing rules

For nearly a year, public education stakeholders have been discussing regulatory changes to ease teacher licensing in Montana. The Board of Public Education took one of its final steps toward approving those revisions Thursday after settling more than 130 public comments.

Interest heightens in Bozeman’s school board election

Debates over masking, critical race theory and parental rights have stirred up a frenzy of interest in school board elections across the country. But in Bozeman, four candidates vying for two trustee positions say they’ve largely attempted to disengage from the widespread politicization.

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The Billings school board election gets political

Last fall’s school masking debate in Billings inspired a coalition of candidates to vie for control of the nonpartisan public school board. But COVID issues aren’t the only factors turning the 2022 election political.

The battle for Missoula’s school board

Inspired by their opposition to masking last fall, a slate of candidates have set their sights on Missoula County’s public school board. But a separate camp is fighting to resist the parental rights agenda and steer the conversation back to the board’s long-standing mission.

Early kindergarten on the upswing

In recent years, Montana schools have increasingly established new kindergarten programs to bolster student success. But the exploding enrollment of kids under 5 has now attracted the attention — and scrutiny — of the state Legislature.

Education in the interim

Over the past two days, lawmakers on two education-related committees convened for updates on a range of public school issues. The discussions touched on student mental health services, funding for school food programs and concern about an “unfunded mandate” for special needs students under the age of 5.

What the parental rights movement wants

Over the past year, school masking policies have served as an on-ramp for a parents’ rights movement to reshape public education in Montana. What’s really driving the debate, and what do advocates hope to accomplish?


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