A ‘step in the right direction’ for CSCT

Over the past year, mental health professionals and public schools have expressed concern about changes to comprehensive in-school support for students in need. An item tucked into Gov. Greg Gianforte’s proposed budget could be the first step toward resolving those concerns.

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Arntzen forecasts 2023 legislative priorities

During an interim committee hearing, Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen highlighted four education policy requests for the 2023 Legislature, including redirection of educator licensing fee revenues and a “still cooking” proposal on mental health services for students.

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Altacare no longer offering CSCT services in Montana

At last count, Altacare was offering comprehensive in-school mental health services for 307 Montana students. The company’s closure, announced to state officials in May, speaks to broader financial and regulatory pressures on other providers in the state.


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