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Lawmakers renew education policy discussions

Lawmakers began exploring where the next wave of public school policy reforms might lead in the 2025 Legislature. But the broader goals so far appear unchanged, including addressing Montana’s teacher shortage and reshaping education to emphasize individual student achievement.


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Montana begins implementing language preservation changes

Lawmakers this spring passed a bill that tribal advocates hope will bring more accountability and transparency to state funding for tribal language preservation. Now Montana’s Office of Public Instruction is crafting rules to put that law into action.

New law expands language support for deaf students

House Bill 619 passed the 2023 Legislature with broad bipartisan support, directing the state to set milestones for language acquisition among deaf and hard of hearing youth and creating an advisory committee to spearhead the work.

How Montana schools are preparing for worst-case scenarios

Last fall, the Big Sky School District became Montana’s first to employ an armed marshal under a 2021 state law. The move is just one example of the myriad ways Montana school officials are seeking to respond to the national specter of gun-based violence.

OPI to use Medicaid data for school meal programs

Next month, Montana will join 40 other states in testing the use of Medicaid data to certify K-12 students for free or reduced-price lunches. OPI maintains the pilot program will be unaffected by an unrelated review of the state’s Medicaid rolls, which resulted in more than 15,000 people losing coverage in April.


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