The campaign rhetoric, struggles for political power and results of the 2022 election converge in the 68th meeting of the Montana Legislature.

Join us Monday mornings for The Session — a breakdown of the latest action we’re watching in the statehouse, produced by Montana Public Radio, Yellowstone Public Radio and Montana Free Press.


A speech, a crowded hearing room and the cost of defending laws

Governor Greg Gianforte delivers a State of the State address that focuses on economic growth but lawmakers are turning their attention to social issues. Host Nadya Faulx and reporters Shaylee Ragar, Mara Silvers, and Austin Amestoy discuss the governor’s speech, debate over transgender rights and abortion, and why the state is asking for more money to defend laws in court.


Relationships in the Capitol

The life cycle of legislation is just getting started. The mechanics of public power are sorting and sifting policy, and much of that work starts with the building of relationships. Montana Public Radio’s Corin Cates-Carney speaks with Eric Dietrich of Montana Free Press and MTPR’s Ellis Juhlin.


Taxes, missing persons and child welfare

Bills to reform Montana tax policy, support missing persons search efforts and overhaul Child Protective Services move through the Legislature. Host Mara Silvers and reporters Ellis Juhlin and Shaylee Ragar discuss the legislation they’re watching this week — along with the schisms between and within the parties that are starting to form.


‘The House is ready for business’ 

Montana lawmakers take their oaths of office and begin their work in the state Capitol. Host Nadya Faulx and reporters Shaylee Ragar, Ellis Juhlin, and Arren Kimbel-Sannit discuss a rules debate that’s dividing the GOP, how moderate Republicans are working with Democrats, a new Montana Freedom Caucus, and the beginnings of the state budget.

season 2 preview

‘Everybody smile, we’re running the place’ 

With the 2022 election over, Montana Republicans hold power not seen in the state capitol in nearly a century. Lawmakers arrive in Helena on Jan. 2 to begin a new session. Before then, here’s a recap of what’s happened and a look forward at what to expect.