Exploring Montana’s economic future

Montana, as the saying goes, is one big small town with really long streets. The Long Streets Project aims to cover it like that, focusing on the economic trends and issues that shape the opportunity Montanans have — or don’t have — to make a decent living.

Funding for Long Streets is provided by The Greater Montana Foundation — encouraging communication on issues, trends and values of importance to Montanans.

Gianforte signs off on $309 million broadband grant list

Governor says network expansion grants to private providers will boost rural Montana’s connectivity for work, education and telehealth. Nearly two-thirds of the money is going to projects in the state’s eight most-populous counties.

‘Come Home Montana’ push collides with housing angst

Gov. Greg Gianforte’s signature pledge to bring home Montana’s kids and grandkids, now backed by a $700,000 marketing campaign, has run headlong into angst over Montana’s ‘crazy real estate market.’

Study argues pro-duplex zoning would ease Montana housing crunch

A new report by the conservative Frontier Institute says Montana cities should roll back development restrictions to allow more mid-density housing in existing neighborhoods — and calls for the state Legislature to step in if they don’t.


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