Road ecologists say wildlife crossings are one of the best ways to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions and mitigate one of the most significant human impacts on ecosystems. This three-part series examines regional crossing initiatives as the federal government prepares to implement a $350 million pilot project — the largest investment of its kind in U.S. history.

How does the wildlife cross the road?

Once a leader in wildlife crossings, Montana is now “stagnant,” despite having one of the highest rates of animal-vehicle collisions in the country. Could a federal spending proposal reinvigorate the state’s efforts?

Wildlife crossings, the Wyoming way

Over the past 17 years, Wyoming’s efforts to create wildlife crossings have garnered it three Exemplary Ecosystem Initiative Awards from the Federal Highway Administration. Data, collaboration and political will have been key to Wyoming’s success.

A road runs through it

Highway 191 between Bozeman and Big Sky is one of the busiest roadways in Montana, and one of the deadliest for wildlife. Solutions are a long time coming.