By John S. Adams, Editor-in-Chief

Multiple news outlets on May 6 reported on Montana Gov. Steve Bullock’s release of three years’ worth of emails from his personal email account.

This latest inquiry into Bullock’s emails is in part related to Lt. Gov. Angela McClean’s abrupt departure from the governor’s office last fall.

McClean resigned her position on Nov. 30, 2015 to take a new job at office of the Commissioner of Higher Education. At the time Bullock and McClean deflected questions about why she left the job, though emails published in December indicate there was longstanding tension between the two.

The latest release of emails from Bullock’s personal emails account, which he sometimes uses to conduct state business, further demonstrate the strained relationship between Bullock and McClean prior to her departure.

MTFP obtained all 366-pages of emails and has published without commentary searchable versions of the documents here.


Bullock-Emails-2013 (PDF)
Bullock-Emails-2013 (Text)


Bullock-Emails-2014 (PDF)
Bullock-Emails-2014 (Text)


Bullock-Emails-2015 (PDF)
Bullock-Emails-2015 (Text)

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