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Bill would enshrine abortion rights in state law

A bill introduced this week in the Montana Legislature flipped the typical script for hearings on abortion access: Instead of opposing restrictive bills, reproductive rights advocates lined up to support legislation they said would uphold privacy protections by codifying legal abortion in state law. Opponents urged lawmakers to vote down the bill, calling it “radical”…

Abortion privacy bill clears major vote on Senate floor

A bill to statutorily define Montana’s constitutional right to privacy as not including the right to abortion passed a key vote in the Senate chamber Wednesday, leaving one more hurdle before it can continue its trajectory to a House committee.

Dozens testify against new rules for Medicaid-eligible abortions

Medical providers, former patients and other opponents presented a wave of testimony Thursday against the state health department’s proposed rule change that would add requirements for an abortion to be covered by Medicaid, including submitting patient medical information to prove a procedure is medically necessary.


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