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Montana Capitol House chamber

COVID closes the Capitol

Lawmakers abruptly postponed Friday floor sessions in response to a positive COVID-19 case inside the Capitol. Here’s what happened, and how it affects the Legislature’s schedule.

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Income tax overhaul in the mix

A late-session Republican bill would rework much of Montana’s tax system in the name of simplification, while lowering tax rates on high earners and eliminating some existing tax credits.

Property rights v. public good

A new 'regulatory takings' bill aims to give citizens a path to reimbursement for value lost due to government regulation. Critics say it could gut the state's ability to enforce environmental and public health rules.

Legislature overrides Gianforte’s first veto

A vote in the Montana House finalizes a veto override of a bill giving the Legislature more power over rulemaking at state agencies. It’s likely the first time since 2003 lawmakers have successfully challenged a Montana governor’s veto.

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The Session podcast

What we’re looking forward to in week 15 of the Montana Legislature: parental rights and competing tax bills for adult-use marijuana.

The financial side of school choice

A pair of legislative proposals would rewrite how the state funds educational opportunities for students. Supporters say they want to give Montanans more choices, while opponents argue the changes threaten to steer public dollars to private religious institutions.


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