Journalism without fear or favor

Celebrating a free and independent press in Montana

Hosted by special guest:

Sarah Vowell

Best-selling Author and Journalist


John S. Adams

Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief, Montana Free Press

Chuck Johnson

Former Lee Newspapers Capital Bureau Chief

Mara Silvers

Reporter, Montana Free Press

Schedule of Events

7:00 PM (MDT) — Live Panel Discussion Hosted by Sarah Vowell

Best-selling author and journalist Sarah Vowell,  MTFP founder, executive director, and editor-in-chief John S. Adams, MTFP board member and former longtime Lee Newspapers Capitol bureau chief Chuck Johnson and MTFP reporter Mara Silvers explore the myriad threats facing the local news business and the critical role in-depth accountability and watchdog journalism plays in our democracy.

8:00 PM (MDT) — Special Screening of Dark Money

We will be hosting a special screening of the award-winning documentary film Dark Money, featuring the story of MTFP founder, executive director and editor-in-chief John S. Adams on his mission to create a free and independent press and expose the influence of untraceable corporate money on Montana elections.

Previous Events

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