Rep. Eric Moore, R-Colstrip, listens to debate on the floor of the Montana House. Credit: ELIZA WILEY / MTFP

Rep. Eric Moore has a plan to reshape the debate over infrastructure funding in Montana

Rep. Eric Moore, R-Miles City

Most lawmakers in Helena agree that improving and upgrading water systems, schools, and public buildings are good investments for the state and put people to work.

But despite bipartisan support for infrastructure, it’s been nearly a decade since a bonding bill to pay for it has made it past the governor’s desk.

Republican Rep. Eric Moore, who served two terms in the Montana Senate before moving over to the House, is leading a GOP effort to come up with a long-term solution to the state’s infrastructure funding problem.

Can a new Republican plan to reshape the way the state funds infrastructure survive Gov. Steve Bullock’s veto pen?

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