Butte, Montana as seen in the late 1800s from Alaska and Quartz streets looking northeast up Quartz toward Main, and showing the Anaconda, St. Lawrence and Parrot mines on the hill beyond the center of town. Credit: Courtesy / Montana Historical Society

Copper made Butte the “Richest Hill,” and its also the reason the historic city is home to the nation’s largest Superfund site.

Hosted by Montana Public Radio report Nora Saks, and set in what was once the copper mining capital of the world, Montana Public Radio’s “Richest Hill” podcast explores Butte’s history, culture and environmental calamity.

The New Yorker calls the “Richest Hill” a “must-listen podcast about Butte, Montana.”

MTPR news director and “Richest Hill” executive producer Eric Whitney joins Montana Lowdown host John Adams to talk about the new podcast that explores Butte’s past, present and future.

Check out “Richest Hill” at buttepodcast.org.

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