Our coverage of the 2020 Montana Attorney General’s race continues this week with Democratic candidate for Attorney General Raph Graybill.

Currently the Chief Legal Counsel for Governor Steve Bullock, Graybill said he’s running on his belief that the Attorney General’s job is to serve as a proactive advocate for consumers against the influence of ideological courts and industrial interests. “I want to live in a world where corporations and the powerful can’t use courts and the legislature and fine print to dictate our choices,” he said.

In his role with the governor’s office, Graybill has been involved with litigation around dark money and public land access. His experience also includes education at some of the legal field’s most revered institutions as well as work with drafting the Affordable Care Act and the USS Cole bombing case.

“I see the war on workers and on wages and on the middle class,” he said. “It isn’t being waged in the open; it’s being waged in fine print. It’s being waged through years of work to create ideological structures around certain legal ideas and then putting those people into courts as judges. Well, the framers of the Constitution gave us a solution: They gave us an advocate who’s loyal only to the public, and that’s the AG.”

This is our third interview covering the 2020 Montana Attorney General’s race. Also profiled so far have been Graybill’s Democratic primary opponent, three-term Montana State Representative Kim Dudik, and Republican candidate Deputy Attorney General Jon Bennion. Stay tuned as we interview other candidates in the coming weeks and months.

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