MT Fire Report

Current stats on Montana’s 2022 fire season: Fire locations, burn sizes, air quality and news coverage

Tracking Montana’s 2021 fire season

With an expansive drought drying out vegetation across the state, 2021 was a particularly active year for Montana wildfires. Montana Free Press tracked the season on this page with hourly updates on the location and size of fires reported in Montana, as well as air quality ratings for communities with monitoring stations.

With cold weather bringing the 2021 fire season to a close in mid-October, MTFP has shifted this page to archive status, summarizing the available data on how the state fared over the course of the summer.

The display below includes the last reported updates provided for the 2021 wildfires that were tracked by the Inciweb incident information system and may exclude fires that aren’t reported through that system. In some cases information for specific fires may be incomplete where agencies haven’t updated Inciweb entries. Fire names in the table below link to more information on the Inciweb website.

More Montana fire coverage

Where wildfire meets population growth

For the second summer in a row, a wildfire has destroyed homes near the shores of Flathead Lake, offering a stark reminder of the danger fire poses to one of the fastest-growing areas in the state.