You can read my story about the flooding in Glasgow in today’s Great Falls Tribune.

I plan to stay in Glasgow for at least another day as flood waters continue to threaten the Green Meadows subdivision east of the city and Nashua prepares for all the water to make its way to their town.

I’ll try to post more here today, but I’m pretty busy buzzing around Valley County so it might have to wait. In the meantime, here are some photos of the flooding from the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation out to the Fort Peck dam.

Rocky Boy’s bridges washed out:

Flooding near Saco:

Flooding near Glasgow:

Flows from Fort Peck Dam

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2 replies on “Hi-Line flood photos”

  1. There was speculation in the St. Louis paper yesterday about the integrity of the Fort Peck dam. Probably alarmist, but it is an old structure. Is it safe?

  2. I am touring the dam today so I'll know more then. I have no reason to believe there's anything wrong with the Fort Peck dam. As you said, it sounds to me like some alarmist rhetoric coming from a long ways away. Folks are looking for someone other than Mother Nature to blame for historic and unprecedented moisture.

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