Statewide Race Results

Credit: Montana final 2020 vote counts by Eric Dietrich

Now that the election is over, the real work begins.

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Election News

Religious exemption revived in committee

Senate Bill 162 would have exempted religious organizations from the state’s campaign reporting requirements. It was tabled in mid-March. Now it’s back, piggybacked onto a new bill just days before a key legislative deadline.

Citizens allege election discrepancy

A records request for ballot envelopes in Missoula County has generated allegations about the 2020 election results, and given legislators fodder for debates about changing statewide election laws.

Montana Supreme Court

A court divided?

House Bill 325 would ask voters to approve election of state Supreme Court justices by districts, rather than statewide. Supporters say the change would encourage better representation on the state’s most powerful bench. Critics call it ‘judicial gerrymandering.’

Shared State Podcast

Shared State

Ep. 10 — Where do we go from here?

In this final episode of Shared State: who won the election, what do the results say about Montana, and where are we headed?

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Ep. 9 — 'For this and future generations'

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Ep. 8 — To secure the blessings of liberty

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Ep. 7 — Equality of opportunity

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Eliminating the enforcer

House Bill 535 to the House State Administration Committee Thursday. The bill seeks to replace the governor-appointed Commissioner of Political Practices with a four-person bipartisan council selected by legislative leadership, and to transfer oversight of campaign finance reporting to the Secretary of State.

Debating integrity

Legislators in the 2021 session agree that Montana elections should be fair and secure. But debate on proposals from both sides of the aisle has revealed powerful fallout from the 2020 election — and partisan disagreement on solutions.


The Session podcast

Week 8: Capitol reporters discuss taxes, public health and labor unions.

The Session podcast

Week 7: Capitol reporters discuss vaccines, the future of Colstrip and bills dealing with public assistance programs.

The Session podcast

Week 6: Capitol reporters discuss bills that would cut taxes, weaken labor unions, and end same-day voter registration.

Same-day voter registration debated

Lawmakers heard testimony framing a proposed end to same-day voter registration as either essential to election integrity or an assault on democracy.

Electoral College vote certified

Biden presidency confirmed. Montana Sen. Steve Daines backtracked and did not object. Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale did.

Withholding evidence

The two Republican members of Montana’s congressional delegation didn’t answer questions Tuesday about their stated intent to object to the results of tomorrow’s Electoral College vote count, and about increasingly radical attempts by President Donald Trump in recent days to overturn the results of the election he lost to Joe Biden.

Nipped in the bud?

Many conservative lawmakers oppose the legalization of marijuana, an illegal drug under federal law. But they are discovering obstacles to simply passing bills to reverse the initiatives when state legislatures return to work in January. Some marijuana opponents, realizing the limitations to altering a constitutional amendment, are turning to the courts or local officials to undo the measures or at least blunt the effects of legal pot.


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