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Shared State

In Montana’s 2020 race for governor, the candidates’ views on the intersection of religion and policy could have implications for some hot-button legislation.

Montana Lowdown features in-depth conversations with top newsmakers, journalists, politicians, and experts about significant issues facing America’s “last best place.” Hosted by veteran award-winning journalist and Montana Free Press founder John S. Adams.

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Shared State

What is a “real Montanan,” and why does it matter so much in our politics?

Shared State

Politicians are on the airwaves claiming how their candidacies best reflect “Montana values.” But behind the political promises and rhetoric, there are actual policies up for debate.

Trailer: Shared State podcast

From exploring the meaning of “real Montanan” to voter access, public lands and rugged individualism, a new collaborative podcast series bridges history, politics and the daily reality of Montanans in the lead-up to a landmark election.


Protests against police brutality and racism in Montana, a state that’s roughly 90% white and 1% black, face distinctive challenges.

Primary results, and the path to November

The fields are now set for the general election, and voters are already getting a taste of the nominees’ strategies as they march toward November.

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